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Bridges Therapy was founded by Kim Curtis, Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the core goal of partnering with clients in Finding Ways to Keep Moving Forward after faced with a Major Life Changing Events such as:

Life Transitions
Stress Management
Anxiety and Depression
Self Esteem

Just as bridges are used to connect two areas of land in order to cross over a void such is the value of Bridges Therapy. Sometimes we find ourselves feeling “stuck” and unable to find a path to move forward. We can’t see the bridge in front of us. With strength–based, solution-focused, therapy the bridge becomes visible sometimes solid like concrete, sometimes like a rope bridge that requires safety harnesses to cross but each step grows confidence with in us. This type of therapy takes commitment from the person seeking therapy. It requires the person to recognize that they are currently stuck, looking out into a void and wanting to find that bridge to get to the other side.

Bridges partners with adults and teens individually.

At this time, Bridges Therapy is private pay only.

Receipt for insurance submittal will be provided.

Rate: $180 per/hr

Cash, Check, and Major Credit Cards accepted

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About Bridges

Kimberly Curtis, LCSW

Kim Curtis is a believer in how positivity and transformation can affect one’s life. As a licensed clinical social worker, Kim Curtis’ style of intervention is solution focused, and strength based involving that of brief therapy; a six to eight-week conversation.

Having spent 15+ years in the mental health arena primarily in intensive case engagement, Kim’s experience reaches out to the homeless, survivors of domestic violence, and the severely- afflicted mentally ill. Kim offers a connection that is real, and rare, but effectual. Kim has a special place in her heart for our veteran community, working with our service men and women throughout many facets of her career.

As the daughter of an Alameda County Deputy Sheriff, as a military spouse, and currently a Mental Health Clinician at a jail in the Tri-Valley, Kim’s focus is on adult trauma and abuse, grief and loss, major life-changing events, and her relationship with first responders (an unspoken trust).

It is important for Kim to help a distinct demographic regain their dignity and when possible, be once again weaved into the society of the Bay Area. Kim does this by helping to develop skills and resources where her clients learn to help themselves. Kim works with men and women from all walks. “I check-in with my clients while offering casual encouragement. I am effective in finding strengths and helping to pull my clients out of despair and into more of a healthy-thought process. I need to change lives, or my clients will not be successful.”

Kim has a heart for everyone she encounters and is known as the “parent whisperer,” when she takes calls from parents upon learning that their child has been psychiatrically hospitalized or arrested. These crises, when explained to parents, helps to ease their pain.

Kim’s Greatest Joy is “bearing witness to someone moving from Just Surviving to Thriving.” Kim’s Greatest Honor is “that I am able to provide refuge in a time of turmoil in one’s life and being trusted with their story.”

Mrs. Curtis is very active in her family and church. She is a volunteer with Cabo Kids, a non-profit organization catering to the needs of families in Los Cabos, Mexico. Kim enjoys cooking and hiking – her favorite outdoor activity.

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